Tom MartinaVice President

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    Meet Tom

    An expert in providing insurance solutions to high risk industries, Tom has built his reputation in insurance by leveraging his ability to assess risk and identify the best company to provide coverage. Tom writes primarily casualty driven lines of business including but not limited to – General Liability, Excess (supported and unsupported), Auto, and Environmental coverages (CPL, Site, EIL). He has a wealth of industry knowledge and prides himself upon exceptional service. Tom mainly focuses on contracting risks (Construction, Environmental, and Energy in nature) along with tough to place product manufacturers and distributors. That said, if you have a risk that falls outside these classes, please do not hesitate to call Tom. He does not want to miss out on an opportunity to work for you.

    Tom’s main motivation comes from his family, the three most important people in his life, his two beautiful children and wife. Tom believes in leading by example and hopes to one day leave behind a lasting legacy built on family, honesty and integrity.

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